A Home Built from Memory


Gallery 102 is pleased to present A Home Built from Memory, a selection of works by five artists that explore real and constructed memories of diaspora, migration, and movement through objects, documents, and artifacts. Using photography, painting, video, and installation, these artists re-imagine and re-construct the experience of place and displacement, while considering what we bring and what we leave behind in the process.

Professor and author Vijay Agnew writes, “The past is always with us, and it defines our present; it resonates in our voices, hovers over our silences, and explains how we came to be ourselves and to inhabit what we call ‘our homes.’” “A Home Built from Memory” captures the in-between, and the not so often thought of or remembered. Each artist mines personal and alternative archives to re-frame and re-create “home,” in the many senses of the word: physical and mental, brick and mortar, flesh and bones. Home is sustained by memory, and memory becomes the tool through which each artist re-builds such homes.

Exhibiting Artists: Nakeya Brown, Yodith Dammlash, Avi Gupta, Antonio McAfee, Handirubvi Wakatama