Bearing Witness: Visualizing Modern Slavery


Gallery 102 is proud to present Bearing Witness: Visualizing Modern Slavery. The exhibition is mounted in conjunction with ArtWorks for Freedom's initiative ACTION DC! to bring awareness to human trafficking and modern day slavery, which remain critical issues in our increasingly globalized society. Bearing Witness combines photographs, paintings, sculptures, collages, video, and installations to provide a snapshot of this global human rights atrocity. Modern slavery of all types permeates the global economy. Whether taking the form of forced labor in Singapore, child labor in Indonesia and Burkina Faso, or trafficking of women, girls, and boys in the commercial sex industry throughout the United States, this crisis is a reality that most of us never want to acknowledge.
In partnership with ArtWorks for Freedom and FAIR Girls, Bearing Witness and Gallery 102 join a diverse group of individuals and organizations this fall bringing awareness to the issue of human trafficking both at home and abroad. While the subject matter of works on view can be difficult to stomach, they point to a collective need to bear witness. Through this imperative, Bearing Witness and ACTION DC! seek to inspire action to put an end to this tragedy.

Exhibiting Artists: Xyza Cruz Bacani, Hetty Baiz, Molly Gochman, Larry Price, Mary Ann Schindler, FAIR Girls, ArtWorks for Freedom