Inalienable Truths


Gallery 102 is proud to present the exhibition Inalienable Truths. Today, human migration is defined by country, origin, and culture—the rules and roles of immigration regulating and politicizing the process. For this exhibition, a diverse group of artists share their personal history and experiences on immigration. Inalienable Truths delves into the plight of the immigrant in the USA, the terminology and legalities surrounding it, and the threat attached to the current national and global political crisis.

The group exhibition includes photography, painting, installation, video, spoken word, performance, and personal narratives. It explores the process and what it means to be, and to become, American. State sanctioned forms of identification, and the process of immigration can be an experience of terrorization and disenfranchisement for an individual navigating the system. Moving and settling in a new country—as a citizen, refugee, permanent resident, student, or worker, documented or undocumented—is a layered experience.

The curation seeks to explore the themes of borders, immigration, coexistence and social justice, by “welcoming the stranger” to be part of the individual experience of each artist, and opening up a space for dialogue. It also confronts the bureaucracy of immigration, and the life changing impacts this process has on immigrants.

Exhibiting Artists: Yodith Dammlash, Andy Fernandez, Raúl Gonzalez, Crystal Latimer, Tsedaye Makonnen, Star Montana, Nicolas F. Shi, Agathe Snow, Helen Zughaib