Matt Eich: Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town


Gallery 102 is pleased to present Matt Eich: Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town, the second summer solo show. Matt Eich, a photographic essayist focused on "the American condition" exhibits photographs of the community in Greenwood, Mississippi. Sin & Salvation is the culmination of seven years of photographic work and engagement with the residents of the Baptist Town neighborhood. Consisting of both documentary portraiture and landscape, Eich narrates the long, twisted, and complicated history of Baptist Town into a contemporary context. Sin & Salvation, set to be released in book form this fall, is the second volume of Eich's four-part photo series The Invisible Yoke. Whether it is poor, rural white communities in the American Rust Belt, or a racially divided and economically disenfranchised small town in Mississippi, Eich engages communities often left out of, and challenges the myth of, the "American Dream."

Exhibiting Artist: Matt Eich