First Fronteras, 2019
Published in Homie House Press

Jonathan Rosen
, 2019
By The People Festival Catalogue Entry - Halcyon

Jessica Stafford Davis Works to Demystify Art-Collecting, 2019
Published in BmoreArt

The Shadow Means It’s Real
, 2019
Published in Homie House Press



A Queer Politics of Pleasure, 2018
DC Arts Center Catalogue Essay - "Queer(ing) Pleasure”

Noisy Bottoms, Queer Noise, 2018
Published in Pelican Bomb

Interview with Matt Eich, 2018
Gallery 102 Catalogue Essay - "Matt Eich: Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town"

Mojdeh Rezaeipour at Olly Olly, 2018
Published in The Rib
Published in DIRT

Fraught Empathy: Privilege & White Guilt in Contemporary Portraiture, 2018
Co-Author, Published in DIRT

Performing & Refusing Queer, 2018
DC Arts Center Catalogue Essay - "Queer(ed) Performativity"



Embodying the Archive, 2017
Published in DIRTDissecting the Archive: An Investigation in Seven Parts
Published in Common FieldField Perspectives

Copy Editor
Manuscript - Mughal Occidentalism: Artistic Encounters between Europe and Asia at the Courts of India
Mika Natif, Ph.D. (NYU)

BLOODLINES: Assembling the Power of the Collective to Challenge the Heteropatriarchy, 2017
Published in The Chart
Published in The Chart Anthology: 2016-2017

On Capturing Vulnerability, 2017
Gallery 102 Catalogue Essay - "Paolo Morales: The Vulnerability of Seeking Intimacy"

Review: Now More Than Ever at Washington Project for the Arts, 2017
Published in DIRT

Process & Practice, 2017
DC Arts Center Catalogue Essay - "Process & Practice"

A Queer Celebration of Filth & Resistance: Eames Armstrong & John Moletress talk Perversion Therapy, 2017
Published in DIRT

Sister Mary Corita Kent and Visual Culture of the 1960s, 2012
Published in Found In Collection, Luther W. Brady Art Gallery, George Washington University